About Us

We are an online Independent Arts Collective.

We curate and feature our favorites from the independent arts community. You’ll find plenty of curated music, apparel and artists of all mediums.


Originally released during the Summer of 2013 under Creative Recklessness Magazine, we officially made our online debut featuring Hip-Hop Music and Street Artists. By the close of 2013, Creative Recklessness Magazine had earned it’s spot as a cultural hub, featuring our favorite Hip-Hop Music and Street Artists from around the globe.

In the beginning, there weren’t many sources for the content we were pushing out. The entire idea stemmed from a need. We wanted to hear more music that represented the unique culture, as well as find Street Artists who were making a difference in their local community. After a few years of strong readership and support from the local Artists, we took a brief hiatus. The break was more of a self assessment to figure out the next steps for the platform.

In January 2017, we relaunched the platform under our new name, Linq Magazine. In the months leading up to our relaunch, we began reaching out to the creatives we once worked with to let them know that we’re back, all or nothing. We experienced a copious amount of support from the community, which helped our return as a platform to help upcoming Independent Artists. The refreshed name derives from wanting to be more than just Hip-Hop and Street Art magazine. We wanted to be a cultural hub that serves as the link between Independent Artists to an audience that appreciates the process.

At Linq Magazine our way of life is simple, if we enjoy what you produce -we feature it. Often times we miss talent when we’re curating content, feel free to submit your music, apparel or artwork for consideration.