1.)  what’s up man, how’s the day treating you?

Hey Greg, my day’s been good, its Friday so can’t complain. Hows yours?

2.) that’s whats up..not bad actually! so who is your brand and where you based out of?

The brand is called Superior Ones , we’re based in Melbourne, Australia where you get 4 seasons in one day, its crazy

3.) dope, so how long did it take to get established?

Our first drop was released June, 2011 but started the foundations around Jan/Feb of 2011, all the planning and designing of the brand. We’re still kinda trying to “establish” ourselves getting ourselves out there.

4.) Is Superior Ones at it’s full potential yet?

Man, we’re just getting started, like i said above we been out 9 months, so there’s a lot more to see from us. We trying to build a brand that will be here for the long run.

5.) ahh, so what other projects are you getting into?

Right now preparing for a small pop up store we going to have at an upcoming event in Melbourne, that’s happening in mid April. As well just getting some designs & samples ready for our next release which is entitled “Community Heroes” and I’m really excited about trying to get a few of the designs out late March/April.

6.) how many of you guys run the show over there?

Not to sound arrogant, but I pretty much run the show haha. Na but really I’m hands on with everything, I do all the designs, the modeling of the gears (with the help of a few friends), take care of the website, orders, packaging, you name it…just because I’m so passionate about this whole thing and I’m really strict on how i deliver my product. They say if you want things done right, you got to do it yourself. Its also a good way to keep costs down. I am lucky enough to have the support from my family & few close friends who help out. Shout out to Aileen, she’s usually the one who sends out the orders, due to the fact that I’m at my full time job during the day.

7.) any advice for new start-ups?

Can’t really say we’ve been here long enough to dish out advices but some of the thing’s i’ve learnt to follow
1. Patience is super important – don’t expect to blow up or be famous overnight.
2. Build your brand – People are most unlikely going to support your or buy your merchandise without knowing who you are.
3. Network – Its all about who you know, word of mouth is a powerful tool along side your social medias.
4. Supportive team – Allow anyone who have the same passion and drive to jump on board, strength in numbers.
5. Stop worrying about the competition.

8.) true..good advice, do you have a street team in place yet?

That’s one of the things we’re working on, trying to build a strong street team who can contribute to the brand and help us expand. Thank you to all the current supporters.

9.) do you guys have any celebrities wearing any gear?

Shout out to Cassidy, I was lucky enough to link up with him while he was on tour down here in Australia. He showed mad love rocking our gears. He just reached out and asked if I got any new stuff for him so i’ll definitely be sending a care package out to him soon. Also shout out to the Young Men Society boys who also showed love, congratz on the signing with Sony.

10.) oh for sure..that’s so huge, so where’s my tee!? haha

www.superioroneslas.com got you covered.

11.) haha, I’ll make sure to get me one, so what does “among stars” mean?

Its a motto we stick by. Basically everyone has the qualities to be a star or in the same category as celebs, all you got to do is work hard and be committed. By being part of the Superior Ones Lifestyle, you’re automatically among the elites, the stars. You’ve taken the first step to be Superior.

12.) right right, anyone you want to thank?

Thank you to everyone who has supported since the beginning, fans, friends, fams but most importantly the ones that DON’T believe in us, the one’s thats not willing to give us a chance, the one’s that don’t take us serious because all that just make me want to work harder and reach my dreams. This is not just my brand, its YOURS as well but you can’t please everyone so I just do what I have to do and you either hate it or love it, yeah.

13.) people will hate, but then again that’s all they do! anything else you want everyone to know?

Shout out to Cassidy, Apply Pressure 3 coming soon. Support good music. And everyone start now….Live among Stars!

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