Cincinnati: GatewAy

We have all heard that saying it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and I’ve had the pleasure to have known gatewAy for quite some time. It’s talent like gatewAy, who pours 110% into each of his tracks which helped motivate the come back of Linq Magazine. You’ll want to make sure you follow both gatewAy and us on social media for exclusive features and interviews in the future.

The Gooncircus is the included feature. A well thought out nitty-gritty track, showcasing trap roots and uplifting keys. Check out more from gatewAy below. 

Randy Roark, better known as GatewAy, is an emerging DJ and producer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has managed to build a cult like following across the Midwest through his electrifying, grimey, nostalgic sound that unites the past and present. GatewAy has captivated audiences of all sizes through his unique sets, while other DJs set out to play Beatport Top 10s, GatewAy takes the audience on a fluid, energizing journey from banging and hard hitting bass to the deep and soulful melodies.

Throughout his young career, GatewAy has performed along side international touring acts, and has gained support on his productions from industry leaders. GatewAy continues to leave audiences with a lasting experience that transcends the music. GatewAy is poised to break down the doors of the musick industry. Get ready for when the #GOONCIRCUS rolls

into your town, for this is a spectacle you do not want to miss.