Gretchin – Not You

It’s funny how much of a small world it is out there. In May, we worked with Connecticut’s very own, E. Alvin, to premier his single Masochist. Four months later, Gretchin, a talented rising Artist from the U.K., reaches out with her new single Not You for us to hear -come to find out, E.Alvin and Gretchin know of each other.

The latest release from Gretchin titled, Not You, is an experimental electronic track with Soul and R&B roots that confesses falling out of love, and turning a look for someone else. Below, Gretchin better explains her creative process while writing Not You, and offers more insight into her take on electronic pop with this release.

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Independent Electronic Pop Artist


Songwriting has always been a really big part of how I express myself. I’ve always sung and written songs but throughout my teens writing songs became a way of making sense of all these really confusing emotions and things that I was going through. Everything I write is very honest and is always closely inspired by things I’ve experienced.

Not You is definitely one of the most honest songs I’ve written. There’s no real hiding what it is about, it’s about falling out of love with someone and having your head turned by someone new. It’s something I think a lot of people can relate to but it can be a hard thing to admit. Pop songs are usually from the perspective of the one whose had their heartbroken, but what about the person who did the breaking, how do they feel? Thats exactly what Not You is. It’s dark, it’s painfully honest but underneath that there’s also a real sense of lust and excitement. Its about letting go of what isn’t right for you, no matter how much that may hurt someone else.

I wrote this track slightly differently to my usual process. Usually I sit down at a piano and let it run but this song came from just singing over a looped beat. The chords came later and then I worked with Ed Cook, who produced the track and it was really brought to life. I’d say the song is predominantly an electronic pop track but there’s a lot of influences from R&B and Soul in there too. It’s quite a step away from my first single, The Thread. This track has a real bop to it, and I think it’s the song that took me in a whole different direction of writing. I’ve been itching to share it for a long time and I’m very excited for it to be out there in the universe now.