Lie For Fun Releases New Single

Our friends Lie For Fun just released a new single titled Miserable People Do Miserable Things, available to download on Spotify and Apple Music. Press play and you’ll be instantly drawn in to this fun and electric pop-punk release that offers a reminder of what talented Musicians can create together, leaving you wanting more.

There’s no doubt that Lie For Fun delivers, with their unique hybrid blend of pop-punk sound and guitar riffs that have me ready to make the three hour drive to Vegas to catch them at their upcoming show on July 21st. If you’re local and looking to catch Lie For Fun live, click here for more on their upcoming shows. You can stream Miserable People Do Miserable Things below, or by tapping the headphones above.


Lie for Fun is a pop-punk band from Las Vegas which formed in August of 2017.

Initially the band was comprised of Bee Harris (vocals), Alex Zalesny (guitar, vocals), Gage Wilson (bass), and Jake Nielsen (Drums). After Jake departed in late 2017, the band took a short hiatus to begin looking for a new drummer.

In early 2018, the band recruited brothers Sam and Bert Ervin to complete the lineup with Sam on guitar and Bert on drums.

Currently, the band is in the studio self-recording their first album which is being produced by Nik Tyler (formerly I Surrender Records) who also produced Four Year Strong’s first album “Rise or Die Trying”.


If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music subscriber, you can add this track to your collection by searching “Lie For Fun”. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know your thoughts on this new single.


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