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MoLo Just Released A New Track That’s Buzzing Across Soundcloud

Mohammed Diallo aka ‘MoLo

Mohammed Diallo aka ‘MoLo’ did not start taking music seriously until about two years ago. When he did, things instantly took off for him. MoLo just released his hit single titled “A Lot” on SoundCloud and all other streaming platforms. Since its release, the song has been making a ton of noise throughout SoundCloud and media outlets online. The catchy hook and mellow instrumentals will have you listening to the track for hours non-stop. This Queensbridge, New York native has already been building a solid fanbase from the jump. With only three songs out, he has gained a combined number of 75,000+ streams. This isn’t normal for your average artist and goes to show you that MoLo is far from average.

Be sure to stream “A Lot” by MoLo on SoundCloud and all other streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram.