Ohio’s Williano Da Boss Tells His Story With Music

Many rappers nowadays make music about things that they don’t truly experience. For Williano Da Boss, he has lived a legacy that has put him in every street situation possible, allowing his rapping to be songs about his life.

Williano Da Boss comes from Cleveland, Ohio, and first began music when he learned to beatbox. He and his brother would often go back and forth rapping, which gave Williano Da Boss confidence in his musical abilities. While everything seems excellent, the Ohio rapper soon would lose both his brothers to gun violence. This caused significant pain in Williano da Boss’s life because they were the most supportive of his natural rap abilities.

After the tragic events transpired, Williano Da Boss vowed to make his brothers proud by doing whatever he could to be successful. This came in the form or rapping and has since been his vehicle for success. The rapper has successfully released his six song EP titled “Too Fast On My Feet.” In the EP, Williano Da Boss talks about his experiences in the streets and how he feels in his everyday life.

While most rapper’s music is not authentic, Williano Da Boss has been through things that make his music more real than most. With this natural authenticity, the Ohio rapper is now gaining fans at an above-average rate.

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