Roro Drops Mulholland Drive / Over Feat. Waldo Rezz

Today, Roro released the final track from stage 1 off of his EP, Drive, on all major platforms titled Mulholland Drive / Over, featuring Waldo Rezz and Rxddy. With a well thought-out production by Roro, Mulholland Drive / Over offers that signature sound we’ve grown to appreciate from this talented Producer, who as of late, has caught the attention of Ta-Ku through the Japan In Motion collaboration project where Ta-Ku combines video with his favorite user submitted beats and scores. You can check out Roro’s Shinjuku Cab Ride submission by heading over to Ta-Ku’s Instagram.

Waldo Rezz absolutely wrecks this track, with one of my favorite lines being “produced by the best, got the ex-homie shook”, there’s no guessing what these two will put out next. Lastly, Mulholland Drive / Over ends with perfect ambient vocals by Rxddy, which tapers this high-energy track to an end.

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