YouTube Rapper BrazyXay is The Next Rising Star Out of Atlanta

Rising out of Atlanta, Georgia, BrazyXay distinguishes a taste of what a truly talented artist sounds like. BrazyXay originally established being a content creator on YouTube while reeling in massive views by doing pranks, reactions, and a handful of other fanatical content pieces. He attempted YouTube back in 2017 with his younger brother, creating funny gaming content and skits, but he stopped uploading due to school reasons. Now, BrazyXay unquestionably is making an enormous impact while being a content creator on YouTube. Lately, this multi-talented star has been creating and uploading music for his supporters on YouTube and giving them a taste of what’s approaching the rap world. 

He recently dropped a new track called “Feel Me”. It was released on August 28 and has been generating thousands of streams on SoundCloud. The 19-year-old artist is all about spreading positivity to all his fans through his songs. Paving a strong road to success, BrazyXay always finds a new way to stand out amongst the crowd introducing a new atmosphere to the music. This attractive pop-rap tune, containing a significantly addicting hook, is definitely prone to blow in no time.

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