Afrade Skate: A Breath Of Fresh Air Part two

Sean Corey Former Contributor

What I love the most about the Australian skate culture, is the pure rawness it carries, looking into it you can’t help but fall in love with it. The focus is purely on one thing and one thing only which is skateboarding , and by doing so Australia is keeping the culture alive through its love for it. And one brand that follows the same principles is none other than Afrade skate a small up and coming independent skate company from Australia, the brand represents everything that is Australian skateboarding . By sticking to raw elements of the culture Afrade has managed to show that brands can rise above everything by sticking to their roots, we hope most brands follow this path.

In Afrades own words

Afrade is a collective of local talent, including skateboarders emerging metal artists, graphic artists and other extreme sport riders across Australia. Afrade is bespoke for the individual and thrives on artistic expression, the concept sparked from wanting an alternative option to the mass-produced clothing labels that put out bland shirts that have no artistic integrity. Our shirts are a blend of influences from street art, and comic book style graphics to old school skateboard art.  We hope to have a concept store opening this year and our new range released next year and to keep expanding as much as possible.