A Camera, Two Feet & A Little Bit Of Grit – Street Photography Master Daniel Valledor About His Secret

Gilroy Osbourne Journalist

What does it take to create stand-out documentaries in today’s day and age? When asked about his secret ingredients in a recent interview with the San Francisco Examiner, Valledor replied that all he needs is “a camera, two feet and a little bit of grit”.

Sounds easy enough. What does it take to become a professional photographer? It’s a field of passion and vision. The fine arts require your commitment, focus, and dedication. Daniel Valledor’s goal is to depict everyday scenes as they are, no staging, no poses, no judgements. 

The photographer has documented both Madrid and Miami’s streets, two locations he feels a strong personal connection to. He slings his cameras to capture what inspires him—the people of the streets. There are broad diversity and thousands of stories right on the roads. Daniel reconnects us to the human nature of compassion and empathy. When you look at these pictures in today’s busy world, you realize that you aren’t alone. There are countless folks like us who are tackling each day, and most of them have a story to tell. 

A Flair Of Hollywood 

Valledor’s storytelling vision doesn’t come from a random place, his initial interest in visual arts roots in cinematography. He uses films and equipment that are popular in classic cinematography and self-develops all his work.

His passionate connection to motion picture also led him to co-directing the short film, ‘Ngutu,’ in 2012 which obtained over 50 awards and 180 selections in festivals. 

His book on Madrid will hit the shelves this year, and he is currently working on a documentary series about the traditional bullfighting in Spain and it will be very interesting to follow up on the progress, seeing what perspective the visual storyteller will choose for such a delicate subject.