YouTube Welcomes Rene Ritchie As New Creator Liaison

YouTube Welcomes Rene Ritchie As New Creator Liaison

Nicholas Mauro Journalist
Meet YouTube’s New Creator Liaison: Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie — a Canadian YouTube content creator and former Lead Analyst & Executive Editor of iMore — announced Wednesday that he’ll officially join YouTube’s team as their new Creator Liaison. Known for podcasts like Debug, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and The TV Show, Ritchie is renowned for his captivating content, and he’s respected by leading and aspiring YouTube content creators alike for his work. Creating and publishing content since 2008, Ritchie is no stranger to YouTube’s platform or content creator experience. Today, he has over 328,000+ subscribers and 50+ million views, which have surely increased since this writing. Despite this fame and notoriety, Ritchie remains humble, committing himself to advocating for individual, underrepresented, and aspiring YouTube content creators.

Naturally as a creator on YouTube, Ritchie introduced and shared details about the new role and plans in his latest video collaborating with YouTube. While Ritchie won’t be providing individual creator support, he’ll be using his role and experience as a content creator to advocate for creators and help them better understand YouTube. For individual YouTube content creator support, Richie noted that YouTube support’s official Twitter handle, @TeamYouTube, is the best channel for creator support. In his announcement, Ritchie shared that he’ll keep growing his current channel, but now he can spend a majority of his time “helping creators I just never dreamt possible before.”

What specifically is he planning? Well, adding future collaborations with YouTube Creators, newsletters, podcasts, and town halls are all on the table of possibilities for Ritchie. With cameo appearances by famed YouTube content creators like Brian Tong, Emily D. Baker, Roberto Blake, iJustine, MrBeast, and MKBHD in his latest video, we can only expect that Rene Ritchie has exciting plans developing for YouTube content creators and everyday viewers.

Brian Tong — one of YouTube’s notable content creators and former news personality, multimedia host, and editor for CNET — felt confident that Rene Ritchie’s experience as a content creator would help bring beneficial changes for the creator community. “Rene has been a part of the YouTube community and knows exactly what it takes — the ups and downs a creator goes through,” noted Tong. “It’s important to have someone who has been doing the actual work. Now as the YouTube Liason he is in a position to affect real change because he knows exactly what we go through.” Brian Tong’s first-hand experience with Rene has only bolstered his confidence in the future. “He is a ridiculously detailed and goal-oriented person… I’m excited that he’ll be the bridge between creators and YouTube,” said Tong. “I wish him the best and hope for the best for all of us together.”

Emily D. Baker — a licensed attorney for over 15 years and everyone’s favorite legal commentator on YouTube — was ecstatic about the news that Rene Ritchie would serve as YouTube’s Creator Liaison. “I’m very excited that Rene is YouTube’s new Creator Liaison, he’s an excellent choice,” said Baker. Baker feels that “Rene has cultivated relationships with creators from all genres.” She continued, highlighting Rene Ritchie’s success as a creator, combined with his experience working within corporate media. It’s these experiences, Baker felt, that empower him to provide a valuable perspective benefiting YouTube and its creators. Looking forward, Baker eagerly awaits to see how YouTube and creators’ relationships will evolve with Rene Ritchie’s new position. “I can’t wait to see how Rene will encourage feedback from creators and engage with them to make YouTube better for everyone who uses the platform,” shared Baker happily.

Roberto Blake — an American entrepreneur and public speaker for events like VidCon and VidSummit, among others — echoed Emily Baker and Brian Tong’s sentiment of confidence in Rene Ritchie’s new role at YouTube. Indeed Blake, a YouTuber focused on entrepreneurship and social media, shared that “Rene is perfect for the Creator Liaison role, he represents the best of what being a YouTube Creator means.” While Rene Ritchie’s reputation precedes him in many ways, his humble nature and commitment to creators is as renowned his content. “He is one of the most thoughtful people…[Ritchie] has an abundance of generosity and a lack of ego,” shared Blake. “I couldn’t be happier with YouTube’s choice.”

Personally, we at Linq Magazine are incredibly excited to see where Rene Ritchie leads the YouTube content creator community and app experience as a whole. From new resources to different types of programs that develop as a result, Ritchie and YouTube’s partnership highlight the importance of truly connecting with both your audiences and creators — those who actually create the content viewers want to see! At Linq, we’ve followed Rene’s videos for years, and we’re confident that his role as Creator Liaison will undoubtedly benefit all of YouTube’s viewers and content creators.