Friends in New York: WHADAFUNK

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Long time friends WHADAFUNK, a New York based apparel company, happen to be one of the very few brands still kicking it today. It feels like it was just yesterday, exchanging emails with these guys for their very first feature, for what was then known as Creative Recklessness Magazine. That was over three years ago. Both hands can’t count how many brands that were around then, aren’t today. After falling out of touch for a couple of years, we were able to rekindle the friendship we had with WHADAFUNK when we relaunched as Linq Magazine.

These guys are the real deal, I tell you. Too many apparel  companies out there claim they are a lifestyle brand, while only doing it for the thrill of the chase. WHADAFUNK defines what a lifestyle brand represents. These guys found what they love, what they represent and they don’t care who agrees or not. Below, we have a few items from their latest collection. Check them out, and make sure to tell us what you think on our Instagram and Twitter.