First Impressions of the K-Swiss x GaryVee Sneakers

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Two weeks ago, you may have read my feature on the upcoming K-Swiss x GaryVee sneakers that are set to release on November 14th in New York City. With all the hype and high energy, you’ll want to make sure you do not sleep on these.

Let’s first begin sharing the energy that was felt at the K-Swiss booth during ComplexCon. Saturday, I stopped by the K-Swiss booth first thing to get a few photos, and to pick up both pairs of sneakers. The booth itself was open and inviting, featuring mirrored showcases that looked incredible, and pretty crazy-looking to say the least. From the floor to the counter, the entire K-Swiss crew was great.

Now let’s get into the sneakers themselves. It’s the small things that matter. It’s the fine details which separates great from good, and the K-Swiss x GaryVee Gen-K Icon Knit offer just that. It’s worth taking a closer look at the fine details, down to the packaging itself. Click below to enlarge.

The K-Swiss x GaryVee Gen-K Icon Knit, dubbed the GaryVee 001, is built on top of K-Swiss’s signature Gen-K EVA outsole for all-day comfort which was put to the test on Sunday. Early Sunday Morning I set up the light box and began taking the shots I needed that way I could wear them back out to ComplexCon that day. According to my Apple Watch, I walked just shy of five miles on Sunday while at ComplexCon in the first pair of K-Swiss sneakers I’ve owned in years. The only disappointing fact I was able to come up with, is that I only have one pair and was not able to get a signed pair for the wall, haha. If you plan on picking up a pair of these for yourself, it’s worth mentioning that I noticed sizes ran slightly large. For example, I typically wear size 10 US, however I ended up going with a size 9 US in these Icons Knits and they fit perfectly. Click below to enlarge. 

As for the second pair from this release, the K-Swiss x GaryVee Court Frasco offers a completely different style. Details include a debossed K-Swiss logo found on the tongue, and premium leather. What this sneaker has going for itself is versatility. Being able to wear these around town casually, or dressing them up if you’re headed out for the night with friends is enough reason to pick up a pair. Myself, I’ll be wearing these to and from the office until I get a second pair for wearing around casually. As for sizing with the Court Frasco, I found that they ran large like the Icon Knits. They didn’t run as large though, I picked these up in size 9 1/2 US, which is just a half size down from what I normally wear. You’ll want to follow me on Twitter to catch any other thoughts while in the moment. Click below to enlarge.

Make sure to check out GaryVee’s video for the sneakers by clicking the play button above, and don’t forget to connect with us on our Instagram and Twitter to tell us which sneaker you’re leaning towards the most.