Latest: WAY Wear Life

Greg Reynoso Journalist

WAY Wear Life is a great start up from Laguna Beach, CA. An environmentally friendly brand, using all organic garment materials and earth friendly practices, WAY Wear Life apparel sets the new standard.  Every design is created in-house, each setting the brand apart from others with style and originality. Logan, the creator of WAY Wear Life, started up the clothing brand with the intention of creating a brand that sits at the top, above all other mass produced hype. What drew my attention, was the brand is environmentally friendly, original and exclusive; the top three in my book. Make sure to head on over to their online store and share WAY Wear Life on Facebook and Twitter with your friends!


WAY WEAR is inspired by athletes, hip-hop artists, and nature.
WAY is known for its use of authentic designs, bona fide style, and quality O®ganic materials. WAY’s materials are grown in Peru, then sent to LA to be designed and crafted. WAY’s O®ganic materials include bamboo fiber, naturally occurring rayon, organic polyester, and organic cotton. WAY  goes the extra mile to keep its crew and habitat Fresh. WAY stands above the masses and only caters to the ones at the top.

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