Michelle Clark Former Contributor

The Love of Basketball runs deeper than a weekend hobby for Zach Jones. From playing basketball since he was five to dunking when he was 19; this was all practice for his future career.

Jonsey became a professional Dunker by age 21. In 2008 he was picked up by Team Flight Brothers and paid to dunk professionally, and since then has been traveling the world participating in dunk competitions and events. He will be showcasing his skills at the BET Awards Dunk Show.

Photo by: Drew_620

Besides being a pro dunker, Jonsey decided to further mark his passion for the sport by starting a brand in 2011 called L.O.B., which stands for Love Of Basketball. He wanted to create a brand that could be worn by some of the best athletes in the world that would help get the name out there to anyone who loves the game of basketball. A line of unique and fashionable gear to wear because basketball is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle. Since then, not only basketball players, but everyone from music to NFL players have worn his brand.


The best part about being a professional dunker is the opportunity to meet so many famous people I look up to, and also putting smiles on people’s faces all over the world!


LOB will be having their annual DUNK WEEK this summer. Eight of the best dunkers in the world come to one location and stay in one big house, and go around to dunk once a day. Whether it is a dunk session with camera crews or a dunk show at some local event, it’s all to help spread the word.

Check out Zach Jones social pages below for his incredible dunk videos and be sure to follow LOB because they have some exciting collaborations coming SOON!