‘New Clothing Tuesdays’ – Shillingford Co

This weeks feature for our ‘New Clothing Tuesdays’ is Shillingford Co. The brand is based out of Seattle, Washington and is a fresh start up offering up bold unique artwork on tees, tanks and pullover fleeces. In the eleven months that Shillingford Co. has been established, they have been able to put together quite the collection of comfortable apparel that stands out. The brand was founded in the Winter of 2011/2012 by Seattle natives, Mike and Doug. The duo are actually brothers, this may be why the brand has had such a success these past eleven months. The level of quality and comfort found in a Shillingford tee is by far the best I’ve felt in a while, I am proud to say I have a tee from the brand, and I absolutely love it! Make sure to head over to their online store to pick up a tee and find out what I mean on your own!


Shillingford is an independent clothing company founded by two brothers, Mike and Doug, in the winter of 2011/ 2012. Doug began designing t-shirts for an online retailer in 2006. His inspiration to enter the clothing world was the lack of visually interesting Dubstep shirts. Mike was working for a mobile start-up that needed some t-shirts for a promotional event.  He reached out to Doug to be apart of the design process. After collaborating on designs for a few more promotional projects, they decided to start a clothing line.




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