Ultra-Exclusive – BOSKY RIGS

Greg Reynoso Journalist

A favorite hashtag of mine on Instagram is #ukstreetwear. This is how I came across U.K. ultra-exclusive streetwear brand BOSKY RIGS, just double tapping my way through another late night. A few double taps turned into exchanged direct messages that led to emails; ultimately leading to how this feature. This streetwear brand offers up limited run monochromatic styled garments with comfort and quality in mind, a brave move in the over saturated apparel market. To never miss a release by BOSKY RIGS, make sure to head over to their web site linked below and subscribe to stay in the loop. Don’t plan on buying anything from their online shop without first requesting the password, and something tells me you’ll have some luck obtaining said password by heading over to their Instagram first.

Make sure to check out BOSKY RIGS below and don’t forget to connect with us on our Instagram and Twitter all weekend and tell us your thoughts.


BOSKY RIGS is a fresh face in UK streetwear, offering bold geometric graphics and everyday wearability, over a predominantly monochrome palette. We marked our official brand launch in April 2017 with our SS drop, sending out LTD edition ‘Contraband’ themed store invite packs to a chosen 100 recipients. Exclusivity is one of our main driving forces, having watched the scene boom beyond recognition over the past couple of years. Big brand labels are swamping the market, and as their threads become more common, we want to offer individuality, and a feeling of subversive excitement that can get lost in the noise of the scene. Our web store is accessible only by password, and all our designs are strictly limited run. This way everyone who cops from our store will know that they are 1/50 people to own that piece. Ever.

Another motive of ours is to make sure that we use sustainable materials wherever possible. It’s the inspiration behind our ‘Sabretooth’ motif. It represents something of great natural beauty and dominance which was wiped out due to environmental forces completely out of its own control. It’s a reminder of what we might do to the world if we continue to act out. Its massively important for brands at all levels to max out on what they can do to minimize their environmental impact. The majority of our garments are made from premium quality sustainable organic cotton, even our shipping bags are 100% bio degradable. We realize that sustainability might not be a huge concern for our customers, and it’s easy to forget to do your ‘eco’ day to day. Its our responsibility to shoulder the load. We don’t shout about it – it’s just something that we do.

Right now we’re just doing our thing and trying to get our name out there. We’re working with some really great people who are making the start of this journey so rewarding. We want our journey and experiences to shape what BOSKY RIGS becomes, thats what life is all about. We’re already planning some dope shake ups for our next drop. Stay tuned via our Instagram and hit us up for store passwords if you’re feeling our moves.