A Deeper Look at 86 Los Angeles

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Prime Hendrix, long-time friend, serial-networker, and multifaceted individual, to take a deeper look at his new brand management collective, 86 Los Angeles. This is a quick-dive into who 86 Los Angeles, and what value they have to offer.


Hey Prime, I appreciate this opportunity to get one-on-one with you to learn more about your new venture, 86 Los Angeles.

Thank you, it’s an honor. I’ve been following you guys over the years, and the growth has been great to witness.

I appreciate that! Let’s get down to it. Tell me what 86 Los Angeles is, and what you will specialize in.

86 Los Angeles is a brand management collective. Made of exciting young professionals in the Los Angeles area who are committed to excellence. And have proven with hard work put in over the years. Most of them with several years of experience in their respective fields. For me, direct sales. Almost going on 11 years of experience. And over the past 5 years I picked up brand management.

Impressive. It sounds like 86 Los Angeles will be able to provide a full-spectrum of services for those looking to build and grow their presence?

That’s the plan! I do believe we have what others will need to succeed. Having people who are very knowledgeable is a great asset to us. The people I chose to come together with, can flat-out get it done. And the best thing about our clients are collaborating with individuals who work with integrity. And respected by their peers.

If an individual or brand were to come to 86 Los Angeles seeking management services, what type of experience can they expect?

Here, we hold each other to a high standard of professionalism. We’re delighted to sit with any potential client to discuss what it is they are seeking. We’re quick and able to effectively provide creative input for brand advancement. We want them to feel like family and never pressured. We want our potential clients to leave with a satisfying feeling that they’ve finally find a company who can help them accomplish their goals.

Explain who can benefit from 86 Los Angeles. Brand owners? Start-ups? Anyone with talent?

We welcome all new and existing companies, talent, and individuals seeking personal brand development. We have no limitations to who we work with, but come prepared. And believe in yourself.

What type of network, and how large of a network will 86 Los Angeles be able to offer to its clients?

Oh all kinds, I talk to everyone [haha], back to your question though. 86’s network collectively is quite large; expanding to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Tokyo, Japan. We work with and cater to emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals. Our focus is brand management, consulting, refreshing brands, and/or individuals to their full potential. Most of our clients typically seek help in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising and social media strategy. We are equipped with two in-house published photographers, lawyer, and a well-rounded group that specializes in their respective job markets. We want to make sure we produce results while educating our clients through the process.

Shed some light on how 86 Los Angeles came to fruition?

Honestly, it came from all my past work experiences. Some bad, some good and some I flat-out questioned myself about like, “how they hell did this person get this job” I can help do that! I’ve literally studied like a student at every 9-5 I had. That’s what kinda happens when you’ve worked in retail and apparel industry for 10 years. It’s always been a passion of mine. That world comes very natural to me. And that’s where things just started to click. So, through the years I started meeting others I shared a common interest, and with that came genuine relationships. I started building a portfolio of all of my work I curated and been apart over the past 5 years. And now we’re here. To be honest I didn’t know if I wanted to move forward with 86 Los Angeles as a collective; I was conflicted. When Nipsey Hussle dropped Victory Lap, his first ever album. The dedication and motivation came back. It was like my revelation [haha]. Like, I really meant it this time. And with the support of my close friends and advice from my peers I went back to work. They have a lot of faith in me. You learn quickly, there are no rules to this game, the object is to just win, and bring whoever was there with along with you.

What should we lookout for from 86 Los Angeles as we end 2018 and stride into the new year?

Oh man plenty of things. A few of those things will be event planning, A&R, and public relations. That’s going to be our next focus. We want to eventually get to a point where you can come to us for just about any business related matters.

Let’s wrap up with any special mentions of gratitude up to this point.

God and my family. And extremely grateful for those apart of 86. Rick, a good friend of Luxe Athleisure taught me it’s chess not checkers. Nick Ansom for my nickname “the connector” my lawyer Matt Buser. All my bros from industry and childhood, They know who you are!

Lastly, where can 86 Los Angeles be found online?

The website is eighty6la.com currently still undergoing some changes, but will launching soon. Date will be released via Instagram.