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Michelle Clark Former Contributor

Going against the grain and everything tranquil, Hector Jr, is the guy behind the lens of Nasty Productions. Capturing the best sides, angles and booties of any car, Nasty is a talented automotive photographer. Always being into cars from American Muscle, tuners and imports, trucks and even loweriders, the best part comes from being able to customize your own car.

Car Below: @tunercult_gtr

I have always had the passion for cars. But honestly, I shoot to make the owners fall in love with their cars all over again. The pictures I take aren’t for me, I do it for the owners. I like that I get to meet new people that have the same passion and have conversations about their cars while I shoot.

Car Below: @ill_wrx

When Nasty isn’t attending car events, he is working on his new partnership with Japanese Muscle Official. In addition to him producing content for their page, they will be releasing T-Shirt’s with both of their logos, stickers and other merchandise. Nasty will be attending Wekfest in Long Beach with #Teamdailydrivenrevolution #Teamddr. Future plans of more collabs with teamDDR members is soon to come.

Car Below: @rickyy_sti


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