Spotlight – HEROINOHIO

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Our good friend, Jordan Terrell, has a project that needs the support of the community. After spending 3 years living in China, producing CHINA’S FAKE BOYFRIEND’SJordan found his way back to his home community in Ohio.

In Ohio, it’s old news that accidental drug overdoses topped the nation in deaths – with car accidents now in second place. In the nation, one in nine heroin deaths across the U.S. happened in Ohio and the state recorded the most deaths from synthetic opioids.

Click the play button above to check out the full-length trailer for his upcoming project. Currently, for this project to wrap up and make its way through post-production into a finished documentary, HEROINOHIO is in need of roughly $8,700 in funding -which is only $20 if just 435 of us help out, too easy. We can all make this happen by checking out the HEROINOHIO GoFundMe page with the full story behind the project and ways we can all help out. If you love what this project represents and you aren’t able to donate, simply taking a quick second to share this project with all of your friends will be just as appreciated.

Emerging from prison and drug addiction, twins Chuck and Mike Rollins attempt to mend Springfield, Ohio – a community they once helped destroy when drugs controlled their lives. Now they live to guide recovering addicts to sobriety on the front lines of a heroin epidemic. Together they buy abandoned dope houses to transform the buildings into sober-living homes for recovering addicts to provide a solid foundation.

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I consider myself to be the best person to film this documentary because my experience has led me to this story and I feel lucky to be here.

Growing up in Fairborn, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton and 30 minutes away from the setting of this documentary, I was raised in a lower-income single-mother household and attended a high-school with a main objective of keeping you out of jail. My friends and others with my similar background are the ones most affected in this epidemic. I could say it was because of my amazing mother pushing me in school, a passion for music and a nerdy obsession with video games that kept me from falling into addiction, but that would be untrue and unfair. There have been many amazing parents who have lost sons and daughters who shared my passions. Like most things in life and the world, there’s something that goes on that no one really understands, unless they’ve been through it. I was lucky on the draw.

Since leaving Fairborn, I have become a journalist traveling the globe looking for interesting stories. I have lived in Cairo, Egypt as a reporter, filmed a documentary series across Europe, and lived in Beijing, China for three years as a documentary producer.