Alberta Cross stream new album at Rolling Stone

Anthony Galasso Former Contributor

Brooklyn rock duo, Alberta Cross is streaming their entire new album, Songs of Patience, exclusively at Rolling Stone.

In the vein of The White Stripes and U2, Alberta Cross have created an engaging album that shows off their talents.

“Everything we have been through is present in our record, and it’s my proudest work yet,” singer-songwriter-guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee tells Rolling Stone. “For the first time ever, I wanted to print my lyrics, because it’s important that people form an idea of what each song is about . . . Although the songs are serious, the whole album feels more colorful than ever.”

Alberta Cross will be touring the US and Europe in support of their new album throughout the summer.

Songs of Patience will be available in the US on July 17 on ATO Records. The UK and Europe releases will be available September 3 on Fiction Records.

A free download of their track, “Magnolia” is available on the band’s website.