Andrew Narveaz’s “Ride or Die” is one of his most promising records to date

Paul Hernandez Contributor

(Andrew Narvaez)

Andrew Narvaez is a surefire talent making moves because of his insane skill set and abilities; his rise to the spotlight is exciting to see unravel. He went from a hungry young talent with aspirations and dreams to someone who realized those goals within months. The most promising thing about him is that even with all of the victory he has seen thus far, he never gets complacent and keeps the fire within himself burning hotter than ever. 

In his most recent smash hit “Ride or Die,” Narvaez again executes a beautifully crafted track that hits home for lyrical introspection and convicting themes. He urges people to pay attention to those in their circle and focus on what matters in the end. 

The vibe commands much attention, and the music is well choreographed and energizing. The impressively intricate songwriting structure is evident, even within what presents as a reasonably up-tempo mix. The overall record is characterized by impeccable timing and balance, with Walt Miller as a perfect addition. From a content perspective, honest topics are what keep fans coming back. Artists have a mantle of responsibility for giving their audience authentic and empowering music, and Andrew brings that to the table once again.

It’s amazing to see artists push themselves with every new song. Watching Narvaez continue to colour out of the lines has been a true example of what devotion and dedication to the craft look like. Many artists set goals, reach them, and then take big breaks almost as if they feel what they did was sufficient–when it comes to a fast-paced industry, musicians need to be innovative when it comes to strategizing and remaining nuanced to cut through the noise. Bringing a genuine stance to the music world is exactly what Andrew Narvaez continues to do, and it’s undeniable that we will be seeing more of him in the public space.

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