Back and Better: Donutello Releases “Falsetto”

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Without a doubt, this has been one of the hardest years for musicians in a long, long time. Perhaps ever. COVID-19 absolutely decimated the live event space and many artists who were coming up and booked major shows, opening slots, or festival appearances were left without a plan. Artists were forced to focus on their online presense that much more, as well as live streaming their performances. If anything, we can definitely agree that this stretched creatives more beyond their comfort zones, and taught them a new set of skills as far as growing as an indie-artist. Without a strong sense of perseverance, you won’t get far in the music world. When it comes to using a season like this to leverage artistry, one such talent comes to mind. Enter Donutello.

Rapper Donutello from Charlotte is an emerging artist who continues to blurs the lines between modern hiphop and trap influences. The rising musician recently underwent a rebrand and is now officially known by “Donutello.” The 22yr old is praised by his community for his boldness about his faith in his music and his heart-warming melodies. His rebrand debut was with the release of his song “Falsetto” and it boasts a kaleidoscopic spectrum –a great way to showcase a firm comeback with a strong record. 

The song is 3 minutes in duration and has one of the catchiest hooks you’ll ever hear. Donutello perfectly executed on this record as it has not only a catchy hook, but heart-piercing melodies, smooth production, and subtle wordplay. Donutello was under a lot of pressure coming to this rebrand, unsure how his fans would receive his latest work–but with the release of a record so spot on…he has nothing to worry about.

2022 was a setback for many artists, but Donutello proved why he’s here to stay by continuing to break musical barriers. Stay up to date with all of his upcoming releases this year and follow him on all social platforms below.

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