BigGucciDame Releases “How U Do It” with Gabby Callwood

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Christian Hip-Hop Artist BigGucciDame releases his latest record “How U Do It” with fellow artist Gabby Callwood. The record is just over 2 minutes in listening time and is a very relaxing/declarative track. The record is constantly crying out to God asking him, “Jesus How U Do It” because he wants to be christ-like. BigGucciDame comes in on the hook and first verse with a very sentimental delivery and extremely vulnerable lyrics. Gabby follows up in the second verse with her widely known melodic flow. She began her verse reflecting on her past life and being grateful to God for bringing her out of the dark. 

Dame is back with yet another hit and flexes his versatility a bit. His biggest records are “Road to Heaven” with Drup and “No Lean” with Not Klyde which are more plug-style songs and what got him serious buzz, but he has since shown his more sentimental and borderline R&B style. BigGucciDame is as good as anyone in his space of music and we asked him what his dream collaborations would be and he said, “My dream collaboration would be Hulvey or Tory Lanez right now. I love Hulvey’s heart for Jesus and you can hear how much he loves God in his songs, and Tory Lanez I like his creativity and his musical range is insane, to be able to do so many genres is crazy.” We also asked him what it was like working with Gabby Callwood and he said, “She is amazing, her tone and presence in her songs are phenomenal, and what impressed me the most is her heart for Jesus.”

BigGucciDame told us that he plans on releasing an EP this year and working with some major artists in the industry. He also said that all his songs this year will be better and also different from the last song. This constant drive to be better speaks loud about his creative capacity. He has maintained his independence and worked extremely hard to be where he is today and 2022 is the year everyone must know the name BigGucciDame.

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