Boyd Hoek

Culture Shifter Boyd Hoek Is Paving His Lane In The Music Industry

Paul Hernandez Contributor
Boyd Hoek
Boyd Hoek

Who is Boyd Hoek? And what’s so interesting about him?

The DJ and Recording artist Boyd Hoek has been dominating the music world. Entertaining the people with the heart-throbbing sound effects with heavy bass lines. This exceptional artist is a master at combining unique sound forms with raw talent serving the hottest and amazing tracks again and again. Being amazed by the sounds coming from various cultures, he explores these sounds and adds to his own music.

His favorite project is the latest release ‘Life is a Trip”. He really tried to take his creativity to another level with this Techno track and he feels that he really imprinted a part of him into it. In all his songs, he really tries to convey emotion and feeling merely through the sounds that are in the song. It took a long time to get this track finalized and he was super excited for the fans to hear it and connect with the spirit of the song.

The artists want to influence the young budding artists to never give up and keep doing what they are really passionate about. The music scene has changed nowadays unlike ten years back when BoydHoek struggled to make his work known by the people due to the lack of social media platforms. But it’s so much easy for artists to be known and heard.

For Boyd Hoek, “Perseverance” and “Dedication” is the key to achieving success. Keeping consistency into consideration is essential too. There are many barriers that tend to stop you from doing what you love but you have to be consistent. There are many instances when an artist doesn’t feel to work. And in that manner, he always likes to go out with his dog or hit a gym. This helps him clear his mind and start again with a new feeling and with a new vibe.