Desperry Releases The World Ends With You

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Virginia’s very own Desperry just released his latest album titled, The World Ends With You, on all major platforms. One week post release, the fans can’t seem to get enough of this new drop, showing their support on Instagram. After following the initial reaction from fans, this may very well be the album we watch climb the charts, proving that he isn’t going anywhere. Top picks off of The World Ends With You include Mute CityPow Wow Feat. Noo$e and OrionLost Woods and Angel Island Zone.

The track that originally landed Desperry on my radar is Pow Wow Feat. Noo$e and Orion, as it somehow found itself in rotation during a SoundCloud discovery session earlier this year. From that moment forward, Desperry has continuously been on repeat. Sample the full album below via Apple Music, or sign in to add the full release to your library. Stream the full album in its entirety via Spotify by clicking the Spotify icon below, where you’ll also be able to add it to your Spotify library.


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