DJ and Producer Luukman Continues To Fortify His Stance And Cement His Lane In The Music World

Paul Hernandez Contributor

(Luukman, Heatbox Studios)

TikTok has become an essential promotional tool for music artists and even record labels. With over one billion active users, many use the platform to showcase their talents, with some, like Luuk Halman, rising to the top. Luukman is a TikTok star and music artist who has cemented his place in the music scene with his songs making airwaves across the globe.

His vocal stylings, diverse sound, and creativity in composing his songs set him apart in a fiercely competitive industry. When composing his songs, he says that his goal is to write and release tracks that impact the audience and bring out the best in each one of them.

Just like music is his second home, Luukman aims to create a space people can turn to for encouragement, consolation, or simply inspiration. Through sharing his story and experiences, he says that he hopes to help people going through similar situations and show them that they are not alone and nothing is impossible to overcome.

Growing up listening to legendary artists like Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie, their songs hugely impacted Luukman’s personal life and as a musician. He notes that he came to love and appreciate the true meaning of music through them, developing an interest in the industry. Luuk has played the guitar and piano since he was eight years old. He is also a trained vocalist.

While he shot to fame earlier this year, Luukman has been making music for quite some time. He notes that he wrote and released his first song in his freshman year of college, but it wasn’t received as well as his breakthrough single “The Meet-Up.”

Speaking about the process of creating “The Meet-Up,” Luuk says, “While writing the song, I had not intended to release it, at least not yet.” He notes that he wrote the song at a time when he was dealing with a lot, and it was more of a self-love anthem. 

Two years later, Luuk did a teaser of the song on his TikTok, which blew up overnight. Luuk says waking up to see his clip trending and hundreds of people telling him to release the full song was not something he had expected, especially from that song. However, he is happy that by sharing his struggles with depression, he is creating awareness about mental health and encouraging others who are going through tough situations.

His song, “The Meet-Up,” has garnered over 50 million streams on Spotify, setting the bar higher. Luuk has also written and released other songs, including “Privacy,” “Girl Next Door,” and “Moonlight.” 

As he continues to thrive, Luukma remains dedicated to his goal of creating timeless and impactful music. His future in the industry is bright. In the coming year, Luuk is set to release his first album as he plans his global tour. Luukmansays he hopes to establish a platform to help people struggling with mental illness and empower young people.