Elhae – Upcoming Aura 2 release

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Nearly two years after the release of one of our favorite albums, Aura, we can now expect the highly anticipated Aura 2 releasing on April 14th. Aura featured favorites Halfway Love, Situations and the futuristic vibe of Time for You. Fans of Elhae in the U.K. will be able to catch him live May 12, 13th and 14th at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. You can pick up tickets now on his web site, linked below, and you can also connect with Elhae for the latest on his upcoming release. Click the play button above to watch his U.K. tour video.

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These days, it’s not enough to say that you’re an artist. In these times, it’s not enough to say that you produce music. But, to say that you write, produce and perform all of your own work, is what separates some from most in the music business. Elhae is a working example of what it means to be creatively brilliant at every aspect of making music.

Jamaal “Elhae” Jones was born August 24th, in Minot, North Dakota. After a few short years, Elhae and his family headed south to Savannah, GA, where he lived for several years. It was while in Savannah, Elhae began to realize his talents, and through perfecting these talents, he unearthed his love and deep passion for music. A lot of Elhae’s early experiences with music stem from his participating in his church choir, alongside his mother. Elhae quickly went from performing choir solo’s and learning to play piano, to composing his own songs, which eventually spawned into what we see in Elhae today… a musical genius who knows no boundaries in his art.

Today, Elhae is on the brink of becoming a young breakthrough artist that has so much to offer music, and the music business itself. But whats most important to Elhae is his philosophy on life by offering an undeniable truth in that “Every Life Has An Ending” (ELHAE). To Elhae, this means that we only live once! So while we’re here, it’s best that we all live life to our fullest potential by being ourselves, working hard and following our hearts!

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