Elmer Abapo Releases First Single of 2021 with R&B Ballad Best For You

Greg Reynoso Journalist
Elmer Abapo - Best For You
Elmer in 2021

Elmer Abapo released his first single of 2021 with his R&B ballad titled Best For You now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Elmer Abapo’s latest release Best For You serves as his entrance into 2021, and surely headed to join the talented artist’s growing roster of fan favorites. This new release by the talented artist arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, a song reminding us to slow down and take time to show our appreciation for those whom we care for. Elmer’s new release Best For You was produced by master crafter of R&B beats, GC Beats, complimenting Elmer’s entrancing melody heard throughout.

Elmer Abapo is a Filipino-American Hip-Hop and R&B artist from Las Vegas, Nevada whose talents include songwriting and music production. Elmer is able to channel his own life experiences into a matured, heartfelt track that listeners are able to relate with. Stream the new all-new single from the talented artist below via Spotify.

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Elmer Abapo - Best For You Cover
Release Date
February 12, 2021
Elmer Abapo
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