European Soul – Bernhoft

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Norwegian singer/songwriter along with many other titles Bernhoft has caught the ears of Creative Recklessness. I cam across his music while indulging in some late night Stumble Upon action, and first thought to mind is a feature. Bernhoft is a Norwegian music artist that plays the role of an entire band; guitar, bass, dums, vocals and can’t forget those back up vocals. His technique reminds me of the same that DubFX uses, skillfully recording short loops and playing on top of them throughout the duration of the song. Bernhoft carries a fresh new sound with acoustic ties, while tantalizing you with deep soul roots. Back in September of 2011, Bernhoft was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as he preformed his track ‘C’Mon Talk’, an up beat track with too many styles to even try and categorize it. If you live in California, the talented music artist will be playing live in San Fransisco on June 25th at Yoshi’s [ Tickets ], and on June 26th at Troubadour in West Hollywood [ Tickets ]. Check out the official music video for ‘C’Mon Talk’ below. If you like what you hear, you can purchase his music on iTunes or find him on Spotify.


My music involves a lot of improvisation — it’s like I play pop with a jazz or avant-garde attitude toward things.”