Fourté drops Exciting

Greg Reynoso Journalist

It’s been a few weeks since the last #MusicMonday feature, so the return had to feature the absolute best I could find, a new deep-cut titled Exciting by Fourté, a 20-year-old multifaceted Creative from Los Angeles, California. With Artist, Producer and Audio Engineer as a few well-deserved titles, Fourté oversees the full creative process which allows for the studio-quality sound found throughout Exciting. Specializing in sound manipulation Fourté is able to unearth and deliver a futuristic soundscape, creating a new threshold of creativity for others to aim for, and personally, I would argue his sound is the next Future Sound of Los Angeles.

What I enjoy most about this release is the unique sound it offers. This is undoubtedly one of my top tracks for 2018, and we’re only 36 days into the year -it’s that good. We will have to wait to hear what Fourté brings to the waves throughout the remainder of this year, with Exciting adding to one of many deep-cuts to come.

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