From Broke To Successful: The Incredible Story Of FunnySalesman

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Drive, Determination, and Diligence are three ‘Ds’ that characterize the life of rising comedy rapper Kenny Brooks. Born to a low-income family, Kenny turned Poverty into Popularity with his endurance and some good old-fashioned comedy.

From a young age, Kenny started hustling in the streets of Detroit, Michigan, trying to survive and build a life for himself.

Kenny was just 11 years old when he started working as a door-to-door newspaper salesman in Detroit. He was so young, but he always knew he wanted more than the life he had back then, and his poor mother could not afford the life of his dreams. 

In his efforts to build his dream life, he started making music that makes people all around the world laugh and vibe. 

But before the fame and the name, Kenny had a traumatic event that happened to him while he was younger. 

Kenny was kidnapped and was going to be tortured before the police rescued him. 

As Kenny narrated, one of his co-workers sold a huge number of products in Soboba, an Indian reservation in Hemet, California, and he was determined to go there the next day to sell big, but unfortunately for Kevin, what he experienced was not what he hoped for. 

On getting to the neighborhood, Kenny knocked on the doors hoping to meet potential buyers, but he was surprised to meet people who yelled at him, rejected him, and chased him away from their homes. Many would have given up but not Kenny, his hustling spirit was strong, and he was determined to make money, so he continued knocking on doors only to be faced with more rejections.

His attitude was shocking to the Indians, and some of them made a plan to kidnap and torture Kenny.

As he kept knocking on doors, a woman finally opened her doors to him, she bought some of the products he was selling but she also warned him seriously to leave the community because a lot of the people there were racists and it wasn’t safe for him. 

Kenny started to get scared and immediately called his manager to come to get him fast. But he had barely left the woman’s house when some Indian guys pulled up on him and started to harass him, they threatened to use a gun and even a sword on him and they were about to start forcing him into the trunk of their truck when some unmarked police officers spotted them and came to his rescue.

The kidnappers all ran away but they were eventually apprehended by police and within a week they were brought to court. On his way to the court, Kenny was seriously threatened by an Indian man and denied ever seeing the guys that kidnapped him. 

After the whole incident, Kenny decided to quit sales and chose to channel his trauma, pain and fear into a comedic song in which he told the entire story.

The song got bigger than Kenny could have expected and soon he started to gain more and more attention, his comedic styles have made him dear to his fans all over the world.

Today, Kenny is no longer broke but blown. He has been featured on the sixteenth season of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N’ Out and he has been featured in many music videos. He is a songwriter for a lot of artists and even has an award named after him in the UFC.

Today, young poor Kenny is Never Broke Again and is happy with his new life.