Honor Society Is Moving Up In The World

Anthony Galasso Former Contributor

Indie-rock trio, Honor Society have become a pretty big hit over the past few years. Their music is fun, relatable and infectious, making them some of Hollywood’s favorite heartthrobs at the moment.

The band’s most recent hit, “Serendipity” — the title track to their most recent EP — combines catchy pop music with a touch of fun reggae sensibilities. Based on this track alone, it’s clear these guys are all about good vibes and good times. But it’s unfair to judge a band solely on one song.

The EP’s opening track, “Obsession” shows off a more raw side of the band while songs like “This Bed Is An Ocean” and “Kaleidoscope” bring out the band’s more sensitive side.

It seems as though Honor Society’s music really shines live though as their Facebook page boasts, “we don’t play shows… we throw parties.” Surely, Honor Society fans, big or small, must a little something extra at each performance.

“We play music for the sheer joy of the experience. We can gratefully say we’ve played to six people and 60,000 people and our effort never, ever changes,” the band writes on their Kickstarter page.

And speaking of Kickstarter, Honor Society is set to successfully wrap up their most recent Kickstarter campaign. They’ll be putting together their own film, Overnight Success: Ten Years In The Making, documenting their budding success as a band.

Check out Honor Society’s lyric video for “Serendipity” below, and pick up their five-song EP on iTunes.