Hurt by Kiplemore

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Norway has once again, caught my full attention. The first time we mentioned talent from Norway was back when we featured Norwegian R&B/Soul Artist, Bernhoft. However, today we dive into the latest from upcoming Norwegian Experimental Producer & Songwriter, Kiplemore. The latest release from Kiplemore, Hurt feat. Reece Lemonius, can be found on all major platforms as of today. You can already guess I had to check this track out, especially after hearing both his original and remixed tracks on his Soundcloud. Worth mentioning, is that Reece Lemonius has uncredited vocals on Mike Perry’s latest single Talk About It. You can listen to Hurt by Kiplemore now by clicking on the play button above the title to experience this awesome track for yourself.

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Kiplemore is a 18 year old producer and songwriter from Oslo, Norway.

For a period of time, Kiplemore has been releasing remixes and some instrumentals on his SoundCloud, but the last 12 months he has been working on original tracks, which brings his own artistic expression. Besides being a creative music producer in different genres, the 18 year old is also passionate about his visual expressions, which is clearly demonstrated wherever Kiplemore is present.

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Tell us, who are you exactly?
I look at myself as a regular teen but I won’t say that I’m a regular music producer. I like to visualize things in my head and when I start producing a track it’s always a bigger idea behind it. Besides producing music I have a huge interest in photography and art, therefore I’m often making a mood board and can get an idea of what kind of track I want to make. Before I make a track i’m usually making a scenario in my head and then putting the feelings into it.

Where are you located at?
I’m located in a small town just outside Oslo in Norway, called Myrvoll.

What is the story behind the track?
I started to produce some demos of this track a year ago. The idea for the track was to make something emotional and mix it into something electronic. I was really inspired by artists like Flume and Odesza at the moment but wanted to put my own style to it. This was before the genre ‘future bass’ was used so much as it is nowadays. I contacted a singer/songwriter from London, Reece Lemonius, and sent him some demos. When he sent me his ideas for the track I got some new ideas and the track didn’t turn out as I planned. It turned out way better.

The story about upcoming music video?
I got a really good and creative crew around me. The director of the video, Ole Dyrseth, wanted to try out some different film and light techniques in this video. Instead of using the story as a guideline we wanted to make a video where the audience could make up their own story. We also wanted to introduce the audience to my universe.

What’s next?
I like to challenge myself and I like to experiment with sound. When I get an idea, the idea can be so much different from the last I had. You can expect something different and new next time. I would say that I’m going to keep up with the old but also produce and visualize new ideas the next time you hear from me.