Photo by Andrew Lin

Jacob Ezra’s New Track “One” Keeps You In The Clouds

Greg Reynoso Journalist
Jacob Ezra - One Cover
Release Date
January 14, 2022
Jacob Ezra
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Photo by Andrew Lin

Canadian music artist and writer Jacob Ezra released a new single named One, delivering a dreamy concoction of folktronica and lo-fi sounds. This all-new release from the Canadian music artist arrives as an uplifting track that is quick to appreciate with its varietal fusion of folktronica, hip-hop and electronic notes. The light strum and pick of the guitar strings, paired with the fuzziness add up to equal a track that is as dreamy as it is uniquely, Ezra. Jacob explains the warmth felt on this new release, “One” warms one up from the winter, like the feeling of entering a warm house after a cold day”.

Relatively new to the music scene, Jacob Ezra is immersed in new music writing for the renownced EARMILK, working with a spectrum of artists alike. Stream the all-new track by Ezra below.

You can keep up with Jacob Ezra by finding him on Instagram and Tik-Tok. Read what the tasteful writer publishes by following him on Twitter.