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Las Vegas-based DJ and Music Producer KNO/WHY Speaks on His Upcoming EP Better Daze

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Las Vegas-based DJ and music producer KNO/WHY has been hard at work on a special project that was heavily influenced by the mood that the Pandemic brought upon. This soon-to-be-released special project by KNO/WHY is called Better Daze, an EP that is set to be the young producers’ biggest release to date and will be available on February 26, 2021 in partnership with The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music. I was fortunate enough to speak with KNO/WHY about his upcoming EP Better Daze to uncover more about the influences that played into this release and what listeners can expect from the young producer throughout 2021.

Tell us more about your new release Better Daze

I started writing this EP when the whole world collapsed last year, it’s mainly influenced by everything that happened across the globe in 2020. But nonetheless I’m very excited to share these new tracks! I’ve been hanging onto these for so long and it’s a huge relief that I found a home for them. There were going to be a few additional tracks but they didn’t make the cut, so I might release those tracks a little after the EP. But there are 3 tracks on this EP that are debatably my best tracks to date. From composition, production, sound design to mixing and mastering; I’m really proud of how these turned out. I’m also very proud to announce that the EP will be released with The Orchard/Sony! So mark those calendars for 2/26/2021! This is going to be my biggest project release and I couldn’t be more excited. For the EP itself, the name Better Daze is basically a spin off on better days. But at the time, this was me being caught in a baffled daze. Dazed from everything that was happening in the world. This is why I thought the name suited the project perfectly.

Describe your process while working on Better Daze

There are 4 tracks on this EP and each one has a different character and vibe. I think this EP describes how I perceived the world at the time. Being distraught, hopeful, sad, aggressive and unsure of myself and the world. If you pay attention to every detail on each song you can hear the emotion that I was honing. And for that, I hope listeners can hear and appreciate the sincerity of this EP. For a lot of us artists, the only way we can truly express ourselves, is through art. Art speaks what words can’t. So, in conclusion, this is me, hoping for better days.

What can listeners expect throughout 2021 from you?

I’m sitting on a few tracks that didn’t make the cut for this EP. So I’ll be releasing those later this year along with some new stuff that I’m currently working on. Aside from that, there is some stuff brewing behind the scenes that I cannot speak about right now. And it’s so crazy that I can’t even believe it might happen. I guess y’all just gotta keep your eyes peeled and see what happens next!
But real quick before we get out of here, I gotta show some love to all the fans that have supported me over the years. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all my followers. Without you guys, who knows where I’d be… I’m just blessed that y’all KNO/WHY you should stick around <3. So to everyone, thank you. And hopefully you too, will see better days.

Mark your calendars for February 26, 2021 so you do not miss out on the highly anticipated release of Better Daze. You can keep up with KNO/WHY by following him on Instagram by searching @projectknowhy.

KNO/WHY Better Daze Cover
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February 26, 2021
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