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Greg Reynoso Journalist

The amount of SoundCloud I power-through on the daily is topping out my other streaming services. A few days ago I streamed across a young Artist based out of Northern Virginia by the name of Desperry. Over the past few days i’ve been trying to find more on this talented Artist, coming up empty handed. Once I had accepted that there wasn’t much information out there besides the music, I then realized that the music is the only thing you need to know about.

The track that caught my attention was Pow Wow (feat. Noo$e & Orion) [Prod. Noo$e], which you can check out by clicking the play button above. Out of the 9,294 plays as of writing this, i’m at least 294 of those plays. We don’t have an official music video out for this track yet, however his other tracks, LQ (feat. Orion) [Prod. Plaza$am], and FACE!, both have official music videos which you can check out below.



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