Los Angeles Mystery Ashton Traitor Played His Own Trick Or Treat

Gilroy Osbourne Journalist

The underground artist with the affinity for the weird and different has surprised his fans once again. Yet another self-directed music video full of details, this time paying homage to a horror movie great.  

Seems like someone’s been watching the Nightmare on Elm Street movies on repeat leading up to this years Halloween. With a love for detail and quality, the young artist proves once more, that this is more than just a side project to him. And moving to Los Angeles, California from Houston, Texas was probably the fitting decision for Ashton Traitor. Always hiding behind his hair and oversized hoodies, putting on a mask is far from new for the internet sensation. Though the authenticity of his character leave us without the need for any more revealing of his face or identity.

In a pool full of promising talent like the music industry, the question is always ‘What makes this artist different, what separates them from the rest?‘. For Ashton Traitor, it’s his music for once. But it’s also the character Ashton Traitor.

Visuals, lyrics sounds and aesthetics could be described as a wild mix of American emo and Shibuya’s creative youth and night scene. It’s no coincidence that he has built a strong community for himself in Asia, besides his American and European listeners. Ashton Traitor brings all the chaos, pain and feels from the 2000s’ emo music scene to the digital age and turns it into his very own sub genre of modern rap. The struggle to put a label on him speaks for the amount of non written rules he breaks with his non conformist style and personality. 

The new single ‘Ashton Krueger’ doesn’t make a difference. Traitor is his own demon, and everyone else at the same time. It’s his lead role, the one that he has taken from the very beginning.

The new drop fits perfectly into his existing discography and will please Ashton Traitor fans to the fullest. If there is such thing as a song that stands out from his strong and extremely versatile variety of tracks, it might be his single ‘On My Own‘, which went viral on several platforms. In 2006, Ashton Traitor would probably have frontet his own emo band, or gone a little harder on the guitars. But it’s 2020 and he shines on contemporary, often even experimental beats. An uncomprimised artist that is obviously enjoying each and every one of the tricks he is pulling from his sleeve. And with every release he proves his high Billboard potential, making it a matter of time until his next viral hit.

The love and detail Ashton Traitor has been putting into his craft, including the self-directed visuals, stands out. Fans acknowledge and appreciate the dedication and will surely stay faithful, until he surprises us the next time.