Mathias Ertnaes

Måke Releases Deep Sea Diver

Greg Reynoso Journalist

One question that I have been asking myself lately is why I don’t read about the talent from Norway more often, it’s on a completely different level. Since stumbling upon Bernhoft in 2013, and discovering Kiplemore earlier this year, the talent continues with Tim Sørdal who is also known as Måke.

Måke landed on my radar with his new single titled, Deep Sea Diver, a ultra-chill track that’s equally moody as it is undeniably unique. When you take a look at my music library, you’ll most likely chuckle at the wide range of genres that you’ll find. If it sounds good, i’m about it. As of late, i’ve been finding that Deep Sea Diver is the perfect track to unwind a hectic day with. Overall, this is a great release which leaves the question of what to expect from this talented Artists in 2018.

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Shot By Mathias Ertnaes


Tim Sørdal aka måke, (seagull in norwegian) is an Oslo-based singer and songwriter who blends genres like jazz, slacker, ambient and hip hop together into relaxed and moody tunes about everything and nothing. The 20-year-old writes and records most of his material alone in his bedroom, although he sometimes gets his friends to put their own flavours into the identity and expressions of his music. måke takes influence from his friends and uses his way around music to create his own fresh and unique sound. He tends to describe his sound as “music for tired people”.