Omar Jr Releases Visuals for New Single “Start It All Again”

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Omar Jr released a new single accompanied with visuals titled “Start It All Again via Montlery music and Maiò publishing. This emotion evoking new single from Omar Jr arrives as “symbolic manual of life from birth until death”, delivering an apocalyptic western themed musical. Omar Jr’s new single “Start It All Again” features heavy and oppressive verses, depicting the steamroll of everyday life. The chorus of the track serves as the escape of sought by all, the gasp of fresh air we seem to be fighting for during those heavy times. This experimental indie-jam track from Omar Jr is available on all major streaming services, with more music on the way. Omar Jr shares more about this new single below.

With “Start It All Again” we wanted to make a musical apocalyptic western to represent the symbolic manual of life from birth until death. In the song we have consciously made three heterogeneous emotions coexist each representing a stage of our existence: the verses are heavy and oppressive like the steamroller of everyday life, the choruses are the escape sought by all, whether real or imaginary. and finally, as in all the good Clint Eastwood’s movies, the whole finished with losses and noise. And after, we start again.

Omar Jr

Watch the official music video for Omar Jr’s new single “Start It All Again” below via YouTube.