On Repeat: Hurt by Oliver Tree

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Last month, Oliver Tree released his latest single, Hurt, a favorite that I haven’t found myself to take off of repeat. Sometime during 2016, producer Whethan released a track titled When I’m Down featuring Oliver Tree that mightily grabbed my ears with its well-orchestrated production, and peculiar vocals. The Los Angeles-based multi-faceted creative has since become a favorite, not only for his music, but for all of the laughs as well.

What makes it so difficult to take this new release from Oliver Tree off of repeat, is the rock-cringed sound, and skillful lyrics that I grew to appreciate throughout his Alien Boy EP, with the most relatable line from Hurt being “I changed my, whole life when I learned to, ignore them.” Take your pick, Oliver Tree offers something we can all hold onto, and scream at the top of our lungs as it plays through. Watch the visuals for Hurt below, or hit the headphones above to stream the track via Spotify.

Release Date
December 7, 2018
Oliver Tree
Track Title