Otxoa Releases New Album Titled Cages

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Los Angeles based multi-faceted Artist Alexander Ochoa just released a new album titled Cages, available to stream on all major streaming services. Known creatively as Otxoa, this new release from the young Artist/Producer arrives as the perfect soundtrack to transition into the second-half of the year on repeat. Otxoa’s new album Cages features seven tracks that will carry you off into serenity, with Dreaming featuring Track Eleven as my personal favorite. Cages offers an alternative walk down an acid-rap path guiding you towards positive headspace to escape the troubles of the day. The first track titled First Time earns its own visual attachment that was released alongside the drop of Cages which you can view below.

Video by @marissaharlee

If this is the first time you have been introduced to Otxoa as an Artist, chances are you may have heard some of his work through your favorite artists. Otxoa is a multi-faceted creator who has helped produce a handful of tracks, including personal favorite Hijacked by MoneyMarr. Stream Cages in full below via Spotify, or find your preferred streaming service below.

Cages by Otxoa
Release Date
September 14, 2020
Release Type