Parlay Travy
Parlay Travy

Rap Artist Parlay Travy Does It Again In New Single “Day Shade”

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Every once in a generation, the earth has been graced with multi-talented wonders who were able to command not just music charts, but box offices, stadiums, and stages like no other. Triple-threats like DrakeG-Eazy and J.Cole have left an imprint in the world that continues to inspire the next generation of all-around creatives. It was these same artists, in fact, who sparked a passion for entertainment in the young Parlay Travy.

A multi-faceted rapper and style savant who’s at every red carpet event, Travy seems like he’s on top of the world. But the journey to where he’s at now was a long one coming.

When it comes to Hip-hop, Parlay Travy comprehends the game and knows it is such an innately fluid genre that combining almost any accompaniment can easily be tuned to perfection.  It is forward-thinking musical innovators like Travy that drive the genre forward into new avenues and new fans.  The ability to translate the varied melodic textures of rap and R&B to a record with such a rawness is a feat in itself, not to mention the ability to successfully collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest names.  When asked about the future of his musical career, Travy says, ” I want to be known for my realness and lyricism.”

Parlay Travy
Parlay Travy

The road to success may appear to be a never-ending series of obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. Everyone’s life has ups and downs that they must work through in order to achieve their objectives. These life difficulties will test your patience, perseverance, and determination to achieve in the face of adversity. It may seem insurmountable at the moment, but no matter how big or difficult a work looks to be, there is always a way to get it done.

The most essential thing to realize is that your challenges are not unique to you. Despite the fact that many people are going through terrible circumstances, they manage to work hard and have a good attitude while seeking jobs.

Musically gifted people have the opportunity to go on a journey that will allow them to share their abilities and unite others, but not everyone sees it that way.

Rather, some individuals and organizations pursue egotistical goals in the quest for monetary and fleeting pleasures. When “Parlay Travy” began his musical career, he had just one aim in mind: to provide people with creative, unique, and authentic music.

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