New From Rhema Soul – PYITF

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Florida natives Rhema Soul, just released their second single from their Dope Beats Good News Vol. 2 record. The new track features GAWVI, SPZRKT, Social Club, and Rey King. This is the first music feature in almost two months of downtime, so what better way to come back then with a energetic new single  by the group. Make sure to listen in to PYITF as well as the groups other tracks. If you would like to purchase the track, you can do so by purchasing it on iTunes for .69 cents!


Like any group worth mentioning, Rhema Soul is innovative to the core. Several albums in and the South Florida trio continues to make their presence known both nationally and internationally. Fusing hip hop, soul, and pop, Rhema Soul manages to consistently offer a product boasting both substance and pop sensibility. What they do is more than create music, they create atmosphere.

In a market flooded with artists trying to make a name for themselves, few are able to stand out from the crowd. By remaining both original and hard working, Rhema Soul has made it a point to create their own path, never waiting on an “industry” to dictate or steer their vision. Their intense conviction and desire to offer art with a message are proof and an inspiration to many.

Fingerprints, Rhema Soul’s genre-defying third album released in March of 2010, took them all over, positioning the group to reach a wider audience. Break out singles like “Boombox” and the iron sharpens iron-esque “Blow Your Whistle” resonated with fans from everywhere, while the heart wrenchingly transparent “Fly Away” single and video intensified the group’s buzz, ensuring their place on today’s music scene.

Rhema Soul’s live show, which has taken them all over the world from theatres, to college campuses, and arenas filled with 35,000 people, is nothing if not revelatory. It is an experience, to say the least. Their energy and commitment to excellence are what keep them on the road and keep fans engaged.

Together with management team, Black Fuel Music, Rhema Soul is now set to make an impact like never before. Their fourth album, RED, is currently available through Good City Music/220 Entertainment Group/Universal. RED features production from Dove Award winning producer Andy Anderson (Group One Crew, Toby Mac) and South Florida affiliates Rey King and A.D. (Heart Official). RED proves to be Rhema Soul’s strongest and most commercially accessible album to date. It features the vocal stylings of Ryan Stevenson, Shonlock, Jai, Benjah, and Thi’sl, respectively. A fun yet heavy content- laden album, RED interweaves wordplay and story telling to communicate urgency, provoking a passion that should reside in the hearts of those compelled to be the change they hope to see around them. Rhema Soul’s latest single, “Stop the World” features pop sensation Shonlock. The party anthem is currently taking radio by storm.

Rhema Soul continues to hold fast to their philosophy of passion and diligence. Their evolution, both as individuals and as a group, is what continues to inspire people. Their passion is simply a vehicle to reach out, to offer music that is fuel for both the heart and soul.