Ro-in Releases 5-Track EP Titled “404 Collection” Out Now

Greg Reynoso Journalist
404 Collection EP Cover
Release Date
February 22, 2022
Release Type

After a brief hiatus from seasonal releases, multifaceted producer Ro-in has released his all new 5-track EP titled “404 Collection”, delivering a laid-back collection of tracks that introduces the listener to a facet of the young producer that has not been heard with prior releases. The tracklist for Ro-in’s latest EP offers a peek into the interests of the young producer, allowing the listener to get to know him more through deep-cut instrumental tracks.

These new, introspective collection of tracks prove that the young producer continues to develop since his earlier releases, including personal favorite, 200 KMH featuring Rockie Fresh. While continuing to develop and refine his sound, Ro-in shared with Linq Magazine, throughout producing 404 Collection, he produced a glimpse into his computer science interest and background with the new sounds heard throughout the EP.

Tracklist for 404 Collection:

  1. Not Found
  2. Cold Brew
  3. Idle
  4. Old Fashion
  5. Internal Error