ROiN and Waldo Rezz Drop New EP – MadeinTokyo

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Music Monday’s is back with a new release that dropped over the weekend from ROiN and Waldo Rezz titled MadeInTokyo. It’s worth mentioning that ROiN and Waldo Rezz recently dropped SHOW OFF and personal favorite, Mulholland Drive/Over featuring Rxddy, all within the past 12 months. To suggest that neither ROiN nor Waldo Rezz are slowing down any time soon, would be a safe assumption.

MadeInTokyo begins with Field of a Thousand Generations featuring Waldo Rezz, where we are reminded of how much ROiN has grown as a Producer, and as an Artist. Waldo Rezz drops in roughly at the 0:45 mark, where, in my opinion, he lays down his best performance yet. Other notable mentions off of MadeInTokyo include Shinjuku District featuring Ta-Ku, where ROiN and Ta-Ku take you through an auditory experience of the Shinjuku District. The people’s choice, Town for Young People featuring Mykel, Rockie Fresh & Waldo Rezz, was released as a single from MadeInTokyo one month prior to the full EP release, which built up more anticipation for the full EP release. Town for Young People is the second track featuring Rockie Fresh since we first heard him on Paint Drops featuring Mikey Melo, Mosaicc, & Lumm off of project Drive. If you have not yet listened to project Drive, you can stream the full project here. Stream MadeInTokyo below, or by tapping the headphone icon above.

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