The Color of You by Alina Baraz

Greg Reynoso Journalist

The first time I was introduced to Alina Baraz was in 2015 when her album, Urban Flora, had released and somehow found its way onto my Pandora playlist. I was drawn to Urban Flora because of its completely chilled out vibe felt throughout. The release sounded like nothing I had heard up to that point, and a couple of memorable tracks off of Urban Flora include Show Me and Maybe with their mentally stimulating downtempo offering. As with most fans, ever since that day i’ve been patiently awaiting a new full-featured drop to release.

Alina Baraz just released The Color of You, nine masterfully preformed and produced tracks, with features including Khalid and Jada. This release inherits a totally different sound, more of a high-key R&B foundation with soulful vibes felt throughout. Admittedly, it’s tough to single out 1 top track off of The Color of You. I mean, you can’t deny the way that both Alina and Khalid complement each other throughout Electric, which you can stream by clicking the play button above. An additional track worth mentioning without a doubt is I Don’t Even Know Why Through. Alina goes all the way on this track. Watch the music video below, and make sure to turn up the volume all the way.

Make sure to stream The Color of You by finding it on your favorite streaming service. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know your thoughts on this release.


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