Wonder The Boy Releases ‘Immortalized’

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Earlier this month we heard the first two tracks off of Wonder The Boy’s EP, Please Keep Smiling. Today, just three weeks after his first two tracks were released, Wonder The Boy drops a new track titled Immortalized, a catchy feel-good track that arrives just in time for summer. This new release offers a different vibe which can be felt throughout, whereas Babyboy and Tie Your Laces went as hard as possible, Wonder takes a different route with this latest offering and reminds us that he’s just getting started. Read more below in his own words.


I made the song with Clairmont a couple of months ago when I was staying on his couch one weekend in Oslo. The song is a bit arrogant, I wanted to make something that boasts confidence. Who doesn’t want to be remembered forever? The video is more of a recap from the day I played H&M Loves Music in Oslo. I feel kinda immortal when I am on stage, so I think it fits the track really good.


If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music subscriber, you can add this track to your collection by searching “Wonder The Boy” in the coming days. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know your thoughts on this new release.


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