Jesse D Poole

Win Local With These 3 Marketing Tips From Jesse D Poole

Greg Reynoso Journalist

“You need a solid plan and a road map to sustain successful ventures.”

Obtaining success online can be a daunting, and oftentimes misunderstood space for many small business owners. How effectively and quickly small businesses adapted to and overcame the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, meant a humble stride towards another day, or being forced to close down. With many factors to consider when deciding where to begin promoting your small business online, including if you offer a service or a product, do you ship or offer local pickup only? It is important to remember, maximum result through minimal effort. Small businesses can find success online by practicing these 3 proven tips offered by Poole Media Co. owner and multifaceted creator, Jesse D Poole.

Create meaningful relationships with your customer base

Let’s face it, owning and operating a business is tough, but some marketing practices can end up hurting the overall brand and company reputation. As an entrepreneur in a small town, everyone knows everyone. If you don’t inform the community you service who runs, operates, or manages your business, you won’t do well. It’s all about relationships. You have to be transparent, authentic, and accessible if you want people to relate to and engage with your brand. That’s good advice no matter where you operate, but it can be so much more important on the local level.

Help your clients see the value in opening up to their customers

Over the last 5+ years I’ve heard plenty of excuses as to why someone doesn’t want to feature or focus on themselves.

“No one wants to see me”
“I’m too ugly for photos”
“I don’t like photos”
“We don’t need to be in the video”
“Who cares about seeing my employees”

Your community does wants to see who they’re buying goods or services from. Your community wants to see YOU. Your employees friends, family, and colleagues want to see your business be successful, be rewarded, and be in the spotlight. Gas each other up! Be happy showing off once in a while! Be content with who you are or work to change it!

Make a solid plan for success

Society moves together, so own what you do-chances are there are more people just like you and less of the old mindsets stuck in a generational void that’s being left behind. People relate to people. You can hide behind silly videos and less than good looking ads, but eventually people will see through it. You need a solid plan and a road map to sustain successful ventures.

Jesse is the owner of Poole Media Co, a full-service media, entertainment, and digital marketing solutions company located in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Early 2021, Jesse recently released a photography book titled “Modern Photography: Your Guide to Taking Great Photographs“, available on Amazon, that offers beginner-friendly tips for starting in photography.